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Can I Pause or Stop Gunbot Once It Starts Trading?

· 2 min read

Understanding how to pause or stop Gunbot's trading activities is essential for effective trading management. This article guides you through the steps to control your trading activities.

Stopping All Trading Activities

To stop all trading activities in Gunbot:

  1. Navigate to the main interface.
  2. Click the 'Stop Trading' button.

Upon doing this, Gunbot will cease processing strategy logic for all trading pairs.

Pausing Trading for a Single Trading Pair

If you wish to pause trading for a specific pair:

  1. Go to the trading settings page.
  2. Remove the desired trading pair.
  3. Save the changes.

This action will halt Gunbot from processing strategy logic for the removed pair only.

Resuming Trading

To resume trading:

  • For all pairs: Click the 'Start Trading' button.
  • For an individual pair: Re-add the pair (with the same or different settings) and save your changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively manage your trading activities with Gunbot.