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Why Run Multiple Bot Instances?

· 2 min read

Running multiple Gunbot instances offers several strategic advantages, tailored to enhance trading efficiency and security.

Reasons for Running Multiple Instances

Risk Management

Distributing trading pairs across multiple bots reduces the risk of a complete halt in trading activities if one server experiences issues. This strategy ensures that some trading activities can continue unaffected by isolated server problems.

Exchange Proximity

By splitting instances per exchange, users can optimize server locations to minimize latencies. This proximity to the exchange servers can significantly enhance the responsiveness of the bot to market changes.

Speed Optimization

A single Gunbot instance managing a vast number of pairs may experience delays between processing rounds for each pair. Splitting the trading setup into several bots, each handling a smaller number of pairs, can maintain a higher operational speed, ensuring that each pair is processed in a timely manner.

Running multiple instances allows for a more resilient and efficient trading setup, catering to the needs of traders looking for optimized performance and reduced downtime risk.