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How Frequently Does Gunbot Release Updates?

· 2 min read

Updates are crucial for the continuous enhancement and maintenance of Gunbot. These updates often bring new features, bug fixes, and various improvements to the platform.

Stable Releases

Stable releases of Gunbot are comprehensive updates that undergo thorough testing. They typically include new features and fixes that ensure a more stable and reliable trading experience. These updates are released irregularly, generally every couple of months. Stable releases are recommended for most users who prioritize a stable and tested version of Gunbot.

Beta Releases

In contrast to stable releases, beta releases of Gunbot are much more frequent, occurring several times a day in some cases. These releases are essential for testing new features and fixes before they are integrated into the stable version. Beta versions are ideal for users who are eager to explore the latest functionalities and are comfortable with the potential for instability inherent in beta software.


Gunbot's approach to updates ensures that users have access to both stable and cutting-edge versions of the software. While stable releases provide tested and reliable updates every few months, beta releases offer a glimpse into the ongoing development and latest features of Gunbot.