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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on BitMEX?

· 2 min read

Gunbot is designed to support automated trading across a variety of exchanges, including futures markets. This raises questions about its compatibility with specific platforms like BitMEX.

Futures Market Support

Gunbot supports trading in futures markets, which is relevant for platforms like BitMEX that specialize in these types of financial instruments.

BitMEX Compatibility

The current status of Gunbot’s compatibility with BitMEX is somewhat ambiguous. This is due to limited user reports and an unclear API status. While Gunbot is equipped to handle futures trading, the specific nuances of BitMEX's API might present unique challenges.

User Reports and Exchange Usage

It's important to note that BitMEX is not a commonly used exchange among Gunbot users. Therefore, there are fewer user experiences and reports to draw from when assessing Gunbot's effectiveness on BitMEX.


If you plan to use Gunbot for automated trading on BitMEX, be aware of the potential for unique challenges due to the lack of extensive user feedback and possible API issues. As always, for the most up-to-date information and assistance, reach out to Gunbot support.