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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on Binance?

· 2 min read

Gunbot offers automated trading capabilities on Binance, catering to various market preferences.

Supported Markets in Gunbot for Binance Trading

Spot Trading

  • Gunbot provides full support for spot trading on Binance.

USDT Futures

  • USDT futures trading is supported, allowing for diversified trading strategies.

Coin-M Futures

  • Coin-M futures are also supported by Gunbot.

API Stability with Binance

  • Users have reported good API stability when trading on Binance with Gunbot.

Futures Market Implementation

  • The futures market in Gunbot operates in a single direction mode. This means that you can hold only one position (long or short) per market at any given time. To take a position in the opposite direction, you must first close the existing position.