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What Customization Options Does Gunbot Offer for Advanced Users?

· 2 min read

In Gunbot, advanced traders have access to a suite of customization options that enable them to tailor their trading strategies and interface. These options are designed to optimize trading efficiency and adapt to the unique requirements of each trader.

Advanced Customization Options

Strategy Customization

  • Modify Existing Strategies: Customize parameters like stop loss, trailing stops, and DCA to align with personal trading goals. There are hundreds of such settings, intended for fine grained control of strategy behavior.
  • Create Custom Strategies: Develop unique strategies using Gunbot's flexible framework.

Scripting and API Integration

  • Custom Scripting: Utilize scripting for creating trading strategies.
  • API Integration: Integrate external APIs for additional data inputs or actions. Custom strategies put no limits on what external sources you can use.

Dynamic config changes

  • Every setting can be dynamic: the AutoConfig tool allows you to create automation scenarios that can control every single setting of your bot. For example you could implement own conditions for detecting a significant market movement, and adjust settings on all your trading pairs when the condition is detected.


  • Simulation Mode: Simulate trading strategies in real-time market conditions without financial risk.

Notification and Alerts System

  • Trading Alerts: Set up alerts for specific trading events.

User Interface Customization

  • Interface Personalization: Adjust the Gunbot interface to suit your preferences and trading needs.

Note: While this article provides an overview of the advanced customization options in Gunbot, users are encouraged to explore the official documentation and community resources for comprehensive guides and support.