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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on HitBTC?

· 2 min read

Gunbot enables automated trading on HitBTC, catering to a variety of trading strategies. This article focuses on Gunbot's integration with HitBTC, particularly for spot trading, and addresses user-reported concerns regarding API reliability.

Gunbot's Integration with HitBTC

Gunbot supports automated trading on HitBTC, providing users with the ability to engage in spot trading activities. The integration allows for the implementation of various trading strategies, offering traders a range of options for automating their trading processes on HitBTC.

Spot Trading Support

  • Gunbot provides comprehensive support for spot trading on HitBTC.
  • Users can configure Gunbot to execute a wide array of trading strategies made for spot markets.

User Experiences with HitBTC's API

While Gunbot is fully compatible with HitBTC, some users have reported sporadic issues related to the exchange's API. These reports often involve intermittent connectivity problems, which can impact trading activities.

Addressing API Issues

  • Users experiencing difficulties with the API should verify their network settings and consult both Gunbot and HitBTC support resources for troubleshooting steps.
  • Regular updates and monitoring of the Gunbot logs can also help in identifying and resolving API-related issues.