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Can I Use Gunbot on Different Exchanges Simultaneously?

· 2 min read

A common question is whether it's possible to run the bot on multiple exchanges at the same time. This functionality is particularly relevant for traders looking to diversify their trading strategies across various platforms.

Running Gunbot on Multiple Exchanges

Yes, you can run Gunbot on as many exchanges simultaneously as the number of API slots your license supports. This capability allows for a broad range of trading strategies and the flexibility to operate across different markets. Here's how it works for each license type:

  • Gunbot Standard: Comes with 1 API slot, meaning you can run Gunbot on one exchange at a time.
  • Gunbot Pro: Offers 3 API slots, allowing Gunbot to operate on up to three exchanges concurrently.
  • Gunbot Ultimate: Provides unlimited API slots, giving you the freedom to run Gunbot on as many exchanges as you wish simultaneously.


In summary, Gunbot supports multi-exchange trading, with the extent depending on the type of license you have. For more detailed information on managing multiple exchanges and API configurations, please refer to our comprehensive support documents or contact our support team.