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What Is the Difference Between Automated and Manual Trading in Gunbot?

· 2 min read

Traders have the option to engage in both automated and manual trading. This article aims to explain the operational differences between these two modes of trading within Gunbot, offering insights into their respective functionalities.

Automated Trading in Gunbot

Automated trading in Gunbot is characterized by the execution of trades based on predefined strategy logic or in response to incoming webhooks and email alerts. This mode enables traders to:

  • Utilize Gunbot's variety of trading strategies.
  • React to market conditions automatically, based on set criteria.
  • Execute trades 24/7 without the need for constant monitoring.

Manual Trading in Gunbot

Conversely, manual trading in Gunbot involves the trader actively making trade decisions and executing them using the trading terminal. This approach allows traders to:

  • Have direct control over their trade decisions.
  • Manually enter or exit positions based on personal analysis.
  • Combine intuitive trading with Gunbot's automated capabilities.

Combining Automated and Manual Trading

One of the unique aspects of Gunbot is its ability to combine automated and manual trading seamlessly. When a manual trade is executed:

  • Gunbot's strategy adapts to the new situation, maintaining strategy coherence.
  • Traders can leverage the benefits of both automated and manual trading strategies.
  • This flexibility enhances the overall trading experience, catering to diverse trading preferences.


Gunbot provides traders with the flexibility to choose between, or combine, automated and manual trading methods. Whether preferring the automated execution based on strategic logic or taking a hands-on approach through manual trading, Gunbot adapts to suit various trading styles and strategies.