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Can Gunbot Integrate with TradingView for Chart Analysis?

· 2 min read

Gunbot integrates the advanced charting library from TradingView directly into its interface. This means that all trades executed by Gunbot are visualized in real-time on TradingView charts within the Gunbot platform.

Benefits of Integration

This integration brings several practical advantages:

  • Real-time Visualization: Trades executed by Gunbot are displayed on TradingView charts, providing immediate visual feedback.
  • Streamlined Analysis: Having TradingView charts within Gunbot enhances the ease and efficiency of analyzing trading activities.

Technical Aspects of the Integration

The integration involves embedding TradingView’s charting library into the Gunbot interface. This allows for:

  • Comprehensive Charting Tools: Users have access to various charting tools and indicators offered by TradingView.
  • Customization Options: Settings related to the display and analysis of charts can be adjusted within Gunbot.


Gunbot's integration with TradingView provides users with powerful chart analysis tools directly within the trading platform, enhancing the overall trading experience.