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Does Gunbot Support Automated Trading on MEXC?

· One min read

Gunbot is equipped to facilitate automated trading on the MEXC exchange, including functionalities specific to spot trading.

Gunbot and MEXC Automated Trading

Gunbot extends its automated trading capabilities to MEXC, offering support for spot trading. This integration allows users to automate their trading strategies efficiently on the MEXC platform.

Limitations in API Trading on MEXC

It is important to note that while Gunbot supports MEXC, users have reported encountering limitations when using API trading for certain trading pairs on this exchange. These restrictions may be due to the exchange's policies or specific pair limitations.


To ensure seamless trading experience, users are advised to verify the compatibility of their desired trading pairs on MEXC with Gunbot. For any specific queries or concerns, reaching out to Gunbot or MEXC support is recommended.