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How Can I Back Up My Gunbot Settings and Data?

· 3 min read

Ensuring the safety and integrity of your Gunbot settings and trading data is crucial, especially to prevent potential losses due to system failures or other unforeseen issues. This article guides you through the process of backing up your Gunbot configurations and trading data.

Automatic Configuration Backups

Gunbot takes a proactive approach in safeguarding your configurations by automatically creating backups. Every time you make and save changes in the Gunbot interface, the system automatically generates a backup of these configurations. These backups are stored in the /backups folder within your Gunbot installation directory.

Locating Automatic Backups

To access these automatic backups, navigate to the /backups folder in your Gunbot installation directory. Here, you will find the backup files created after each configuration change. It's a good practice to periodically check this folder to ensure that your recent changes are being backed up correctly.

Manual Backup Process

While automatic backups are convenient, it is also wise to know how to create a manual backup of your entire Gunbot setup. This is particularly useful for creating a comprehensive snapshot of your current Gunbot setup, including all configurations and data.

Steps for Manual Backup

  1. Close Gunbot: Ensure that Gunbot is not running to avoid any conflicts or data corruption during the backup process.
  2. Copy Gunbot Folder: Navigate to the main Gunbot folder on your system. This folder contains all the files and configurations related to your Gunbot installation.
  3. Copy Entire Folder: Simply copy the entire Gunbot folder to your desired backup location. This action creates a complete backup of your Gunbot setup, including all necessary data.
  4. Pay Attention to the /json Folder: Within the Gunbot folder, the /json folder is particularly important as it holds the most crucial data. Ensure this folder is copied correctly during the backup process.


Regular backups of your Gunbot settings and data are essential for maintaining a secure and reliable trading setup. By utilizing both automatic and manual backup methods, you can safeguard your trading configurations and data, providing peace of mind and continuity in your trading activities. Always ensure to verify your backups periodically for data integrity.