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How Do I Add a New Exchange to My Gunbot Setup?

· 2 min read

Adding a new cryptocurrency exchange to your Gunbot setup is a straightforward process. This guide provides the necessary steps to integrate a new exchange into your trading strategy.

Steps to Add a New Exchange

  1. Navigate to the 'manage api slots' page within your Gunbot interface.
  2. Follow the standard procedure for connecting to a new exchange. This involves:
    • Entering the required API credentials for the exchange.
    • Ensuring the credentials are accurate and have the necessary permissions.
  3. Once entered, save your API credentials to establish the connection.

Handling Full API Slots

If you find that all your API slots are already in use, you will need to:

  1. Remove an existing exchange from your setup. This can also be done on the 'manage api slots' page.
  2. Once a slot is freed up, follow the above steps to add your new exchange.

Saving Changes

After adding or removing an exchange, remember to save your changes. This ensures that your Gunbot setup is updated and ready to interact with the newly configured exchange.


Managing and configuring exchanges within Gunbot is designed to be user-friendly and efficient. Following these steps will allow you to quickly add new exchanges to your trading setup.