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How Does Gunbot Handle Downtime or Maintenance on Exchanges?

· 2 min read

When trading cryptocurrencies, encountering downtime or maintenance periods on exchanges is a reality traders must prepare for. This article explains how Gunbot handles these scenarios, ensuring continuity and safety in your trading activities.

Gunbot's Response to Downtime

During periods of exchange downtime or maintenance, Gunbot has several mechanisms in place to manage your trading strategies:

  • Detection of Downtime: Gunbot continually monitors exchange connectivity. Upon detecting downtime, it temporarily pauses trading activities to prevent order failures.

User Options During Downtime

While Gunbot automatically handles most aspects of exchange downtime, users have several options:

  • Manual Intervention: Users can choose to manually pause or modify trading strategies during downtime.
  • Settings Adjustment: Adjustments can be made to strategy settings in anticipation of the exchange coming back online.

Resumption of Activity

After the exchange resumes normal operations, Gunbot takes the following steps:

  • Reconnection to Exchange: Gunbot automatically reconnects to the exchange.
  • Strategy Resumption: Trading activities resume based on the predefined strategies and any adjustments made during the downtime.


Gunbot is equipped to effectively manage periods of exchange downtime or maintenance, ensuring minimal disruption to your trading strategies. Users are kept informed and have options to tailor their approach during such events.