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What is the Gunbot Dev Community?

· 2 min read

The Gunbot Dev Community is a hub for developers to explore, create, and share advanced trading algorithms using Gunbot. It offers extensive API integrations, powerful customization options, and a secure local environment for running custom code. Developers can find inspiration and resources from various projects and extensive documentation.

Developer Resources

Access a wealth of resources to enhance your development experience:

  • Custom Strategies Examples: Code examples for building custom strategies.
  • Exchanges and Timeframes: Details on supported timeframes per exchange.
  • Methods and Modules: Documentation on various functions and modules.
  • Market Data: Information on available market data for strategies.
  • Visualize Strategy Targets: Guide on creating visual representations of strategy targets.
  • Display Custom Stats: Instructions for setting up and displaying custom statistics.
  • Autoconfig Settings Handling: Guide on managing pair settings with autoconfig.
  • Autoconfig Pair Management: Instructions for automating the addition and removal of trading pairs.

Getting Involved

To get started developing for the Gunbot platform:

  • Explore the developer resources for documentation and tutorials.
  • Share your projects and custom strategies with the community, our Telegram groups are great for this. Once you're ready to offer a final project for the community, get in touch with us!