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What Customization Options Does Gunbot Offer for Advanced Users?

· 2 min read

Gunbot provides a range of customization options, particularly catering to the needs of advanced users. These options allow for a high degree of personalization in trading strategies and interface preferences, enhancing the trading experience for experienced traders.

Extensive Strategy Parameters

One of the key features of Gunbot is its extensive strategy parameters, with up to 150 customizable settings. Advanced users can fine-tune these parameters to align perfectly with their trading strategies and market analyses, ensuring a high level of control over their trading bots' behavior.

Custom Coded Strategies

For those who wish to go beyond the standard settings, Gunbot offers the ability to implement custom-coded strategies. This feature is particularly useful for traders with a background in coding, enabling them to craft unique strategies that are fully tailored to their trading style and goals, with Gunbot taking care of exchange connectivity and charting.

Interface Customization

Gunbot also allows for significant customization of the user interface. Users can add custom, automated drawings on charts and introduce custom metrics for detailed monitoring. This level of interface customization ensures that users have all the necessary information and tools at their fingertips.

Dynamic Configuration Adjustments

Advanced users can benefit from Gunbot's ability to dynamically adjust its configuration. This includes changing settings based on filter rules or custom code. For instance, the bot can be programmed to alter its trading speed in response to significant market movements, adding a layer of adaptability to the trading strategy.


Gunbot's advanced customization options provide experienced traders with the tools they need to fully tailor their trading experience. From detailed strategy parameters to dynamic configuration adjustments, these features ensure that Gunbot can be perfectly aligned with the unique needs and preferences of advanced users.