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Can I Use Leverage with Gunbot on Supported Exchanges?

· 2 min read

Leverage trading, a popular strategy among traders, involves trading assets using funds borrowed from a broker. When using Gunbot, understanding which exchanges support this feature is crucial for effective trading.

Gunbot and Leverage Trading

Gunbot provides functionality for leverage trading on several exchanges. This feature allows users to potentially amplify their trading results. However, it's important to be aware of the risks involved in leverage trading.

Supported Exchanges for Leverage Trading

Gunbot supports leverage trading on a variety of exchanges. Below is a table indicating the exchanges, their configuration names in Gunbot, and the market types available:

ExchangeName in ConfigMarket Types
BybitbybitSpot & Futures
BitgetbitgetSpot & Futures
Binance FuturesbinanceFuturesFutures
Kraken FutureskrakenFuturesFutures
OKXokex5Spot & Futures
Bitmex Testnetbitmex_testnetFutures
dYdX (v3)dydxFutures
dYdX (v4)dydx4Futures


  • Exchanges listed with "Spot & Futures" indicate availability of both market types for trading, leverage is only supported on futures.
  • For exchanges offering only "Futures", leverage trading is limited to futures markets.


Gunbot supports leverage trading on a selection of exchanges, offering traders the opportunity to retain trading volume but decrease capital exposure on the exchange. It's essential to use this feature with caution due to the inherent risks of leverage trading.