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How Do I Resolve API Connectivity Issues in Gunbot?

· 3 min read

API connectivity issues in Gunbot can hinder your trading automation. This article provides troubleshooting tips for the most common API connectivity problems.

Common API Connectivity Issues

Users might encounter several types of API issues, including:

  1. Invalid API Keys: Incorrectly entered API keys.
  2. Network Problems: Issues related to internet connectivity or firewalls.
  3. Exchange-Specific Settings: Unique requirements or settings for specific exchanges.
  4. Rate Limits: Exceeding the number of requests allowed by the exchange.
  5. Server Time Sync Errors: Mismatch between server time and exchange time.

Troubleshooting Steps

Invalid API Keys

  • Verify the accuracy of your API key and secret.
  • Ensure that you're using the correct keys for the specified exchange.

Network Problems

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Confirm that your firewall or network settings are not blocking Gunbot.

Exchange-Specific Settings

  • Review and adjust settings based on your exchange's specific requirements.
  • Consult the exchange's documentation for any special API configuration.

Rate Limits

  • Reduce the frequency of your requests to the exchange.
  • Consider using strategies that require fewer API calls.

Server Time Sync Errors

  • Synchronize your server time with the exchange server.
  • Use NTP (Network Time Protocol) services to maintain accurate time.

Additional Tips

  • Update Gunbot: Always run the latest version of Gunbot.
  • Check Error Logs: Regularly review Gunbot's error logs for specific API error messages.
  • Contact Support: If issues persist, consider reaching out to Gunbot support for assistance.