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How Can I Monitor My Gunbot Trading Activity?

· 2 min read

Monitoring your trading activity is an important aspect of using Gunbot. It allows you to track performance, make informed decisions, and adjust strategies accordingly. This article explores the various methods and tools Gunbot provides for monitoring trading activities.

Primary Methods for Monitoring

Dashboard Overview

The Gunbot dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your trading activities. It displays real-time data on current trades, balances, and strategy performance. This centralized view is ideal for getting quick insights into your trading status.

Real-time Statistics

Gunbot provides real-time statistics on your trades. This includes information on recent trades, profit/loss analysis, and market conditions. These statistics are essential for keeping up with the fast-paced nature of trading.

Real-time Charts

Gunbot provides real-time charts for your trading pairs. Depending on the strategy, this chart also shows the current strategy targets in real time.

Notifications and Alerts

You can set up notifications in Gunbot to receive alerts about filled orders.