Free for 3 days

  • Works on Binance, Huobi Global, okGunbot, Bitget
  • 1 trading pair
  • 2 strategy presets
  • 3 day trial period
Experience serious bot trading

Discover the benefits of Gunbot

The trial version includes two preconfigured strategies demonstrating some of the most popular Gunbot options. Simply set your investment limits to begin.

4 spot exchanges

The trial supports trading on 4 different spot trading exchanges: Binance, Huobi Global, okGunbot and Bitget.

No installation

Normally Gunbot runs on your own device. To give you an option to test Gunbot right away, this trial runs online.

One trading pair

Trade one spot trading pair at a time, like USDT-BTC. There are no limits to trading frequency or amounts.

Strategy presets

The trial includes two pre-tuned strategy presets: 'grid bots' and 'scalper bots'. It's easy to configure.

Frequently asked questions

Not sure about something? Wonder what the difference between trial and 'real' Gunbot are? Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about this free trial.

Which presets are available?
How to connect to my exchange?
What is the difference between the two presets?
My trial reports profits, but my account is down?

Buy Gunbot - get more than software

Lifetime license

Gunbot is not a cloud service. It runs on your own computer and has no recurring costs.

By running the bot locally, there is no centralized data source that can be hacked.

Global community

Gunbot users on Telegram are a tight community who help each other trade better since 2016.

This is not just some marketing statement, Gunbot is as much a community as it is a trading bot.

Private trading

With Gunbot you can be sure that nobody besides the exchange knows anything about your trades.

Your bot runs on your device, and it shares no data with anyone about the way you trade.