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Custom coded Strategies

Gunbot offers not only pre-designed strategies but also the capability to execute your JavaScript code as a custom strategy. This functionality is especially beneficial for developers wishing to adapt their trading algorithms while leveraging Gunbot's interface, exchange connectivity and market data gathering features.

It also includes an AI assistant that can help writing complete strategies, just by describing your idea it can generate a strategy.

AI generated custom JS strategy

Example of custom strategy code generated by Gunbot AI

Simple Trading Functions

Even though creating your code might appear daunting, Gunbot delivers user-friendly functions for routine tasks like order placement and additional candle data requests. Plus, all gathered market data is effortlessly available, enabling you to concentrate on executing your trading strategy instead of collecting data from numerous exchanges.

Unrestricted Flexibility

Custom coded strategies in Gunbot grant you the freedom to run any JavaScript code you create, without any imposed limitations on execution time or other constraints. This gives you total control over your trading algorithm's logic and enables you to incorporate even highly intricate strategies. Moreover, you have the option to utilize external modules or libraries, significantly expanding your code's functionality.

Vizualize your trading approach

Custom coded strategies can use various methods that can assist you in making more informed trading choices. These options enable you to present additional information within the Gunbot interface in diverse ways, depending on your particular requirements and tastes.

Example of a custom Quanta G-type strategy utilizing custom chart targets and personalized stats in the sidebar on the screen's right side.

One widely used display option is drawing lines on the chart, which is valuable for spotting trends or identifying support and resistance levels. You also can alter the line color, label, and style to match your preferences. Another method for presenting data is through notifications sent to the Gunbot interface, such as informing about a specific strategy occurrence. In case you prefer monitoring time-based events, you can use markers on the time axis. These markers can be positioned at exact points in time.

Lastly, if you want to watch particular statistics, you can design custom stats that will appear in the chart's sidebar. This can be especially helpful when employing unique trading strategies or tracking distinct metrics not available by default in Gunbot.

Integration with External Services

Connecting with third-party services is achievable through a custom strategy. For instance, you could connect to an external API to integrate additional market data into your trading algorithm. The opportunities are limitless, and custom strategies unlock new possibilities for traders to explore and experiment with their trading approaches.