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The static-price technique is perfect for trading pairs that oscillate within a consistent price range over long durations. Just establish purchase and sell prices, and Gunbot will carry out transactions as soon as the target price is reached or surpassed.

Gunbot provides extra indicators for both buying and selling confirmations to advance this strategy. For example, you can set up Gunbot to buy at a particular price only when the RSI (relative strength index) is equal to or less than 30.

Furthermore, you can exclusively trade based on signals from confirming indicators by establishing unachievable purchase and sell prices using this approach.

Utilizing This Method

Buy Method Requirements

A buy order is permitted when the price is at or below the pingpong buy value.


Standard limitations like "buy once, sell once" are not applicable to this strategy: Gunbot will place a buy order as high as specified in your balance settings every time the buying criteria are met.

Sell Method Requirements

A sell order is permitted when the price is at or above the pingpong sell value.


Profit protection is optional for this strategy. Be cautious, as this may result in sell orders beneath your break-even point.

To authorize sell orders at a loss, set a negative number for GAIN.

Trading Illustration

Example of how utilizing this strategy can deliver results. Particulars and Configurations