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Spot Strategy Builder Overview

The spot market strategy builder offers a comprehensive array of options for crafting and customizing your trading strategy. It allows you to select any two techniques as the principal buy and sell triggers.

Moreover, various modules help expand your strategy beyond the initial order trigger criteria, including categories such as Balance, Indicator, TrailMe, DCA, Confirming Indicators, Reversal Trading, Stop Loss, and Misc.


A strategy built with this tool consists of several conditions that must all align before executing a trade. For instance, if the buy method conditions are met, the strategy will not initiate a trade until all other predefined conditions, like indicator confirmations or trailing requirements, are fulfilled simultaneously.

Buy and Sell Methods

MethodBrief Description
adxemploys the ADX indicator to trade only during sufficiently strong trends.
atrtsutilizes the ATR indicator to gauge volatility shifts and implement a trailing stop.
bbbuys and sells at adjustable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
bbtapurchases and sells after reentry at configurable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
emaspreadleverages the difference between slow and fast EMA for trading when price direction alters.
emotionlessa simple strategy with minimal configuration necessary, ideal for beginners.
gainbuys at a percentage beneath EMA, sells when a predetermined gain is achieved.
ichimokutrading algorithm based on the Ichimoku cloud indicator.
macdapplies the MACD indicator to trade during momentum shifts.
macdhuses the MACD histogram for trading when momentum changes.
ppsets fixed buy and sell prices; well-suited for coins within a stable price range.
stepgainresembles gain but evaluates trends after reaching initial buy or sell levels to ensure trading only occurs when the trend reverses.
smacrossemploys fast and slow SMA crossings to trade during price direction changes.
supportresistancebuys at support levels, sells at resistance levels.
tsaattempts to forecast future prices and trades based on anticipated trend reversals.
tssluses a moving range around market prices for purchasing and selling, while tracking optimal buy and sell levels.


Common protections among trading methods include:

  • Some techniques allow single purchases, while others permit multiple buys, known as pyramid buying.
  • Buy level is a setting that prevents buying above the lowest EMA. Long level and Short level are the equivalents in futures trading.
  • Many strategies do not place sell orders below the break-even point; this feature is optional in certain methods.
  • Grid strategies come with their own inherent protections

Refer to the table below for each method's protections/constraints.

MethodSupports pyramid buying?Prevents buying above EMA? (buy level)Prevents selling below break-even point? (gain)