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Strategy builder

The Strategy Builder for futures trading allows you to design and customize your trading approach by offering a wide variety of choices. This tool lets you select any two techniques as the main triggers for entering long or short positions.

Moreover, there are multiple modules designed to expand your strategy features beyond the primary order triggers. These modules fall under categories such as Balance, Indicator, TrailMe, DCA, Confirming Indicators, Stop Loss, and Misc.


A builder strategy consists of multiple conditions that must be fulfilled before a trade is initiated. For instance, if the buy method requirements are met, the strategy won't place a trade until all other specified conditions, like confirmation from an indicator or additional trailing criteria, are simultaneously satisfied.

Buy and sell methods at your disposal

MethodConcise Description
adxutilizes the ADX indicator for trading during strong trends only.
atrtsemploys the ATR indicator to gauge volatility shifts and trade using a trailing stop.
bbpurchase and sell at customizable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
bbtabuy and sell after reentry at configurable points between the lower and upper Bollinger Bands.
emaspreaduses the spread between slow and fast EMA to trade when price direction alters.
gainpurchase at a percentage below EMA, sell when the desired gain is achieved.
ichimokutrading algorithm based on the Ichimoku cloud indicator.
macdadopts the MACD indicator for trading when momentum shifts.
macdhemploys the MACD histogram for trading when momentum alters.
ppset a fixed buy and sell price, suitable for coins within a predictable price range.
smacrossapplies crossings of fast and slow SMA to trade when price direction changes.
supportresistancebuy at support levels, sell at resistance levels.
tsaattempts to forecast future prices and trades based on predicted trend reversals.
tssluses a dynamic range surrounding market prices for buying and selling, tracking optimal buy and sell levels.

Standard building elements

Settings in the following categories serve as fundamental components for every futures builder strategy:

  • Balance settings
  • Confirming Indicators
  • DCA
  • Closing positions
  • Stop Loss
  • Misc