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Stop loss settings

Settings in this category can be used to configure when to stop a futures position.

LabelConfig ParameterDefault ValueDetailed Description
Stop limitSTOP_LIMIT999999Sets the threshold for triggering a sell or close order to minimize losses.It represents the Return on Equity (ROE) below break-even.

Essential for controlling potential losses.
SL disable buySL_DISABLE_BUYfalseWhen activated, this prevents placing new buy orders once the stop limit is reached. It's a safety feature to avoid entering new positions which might be at a higher risk of loss after a significant market movement.
SL disable sellSL_DISABLE_SELLfalseDisables placing new sell orders for a short position once the stop limit is reached. This helps manage risk by preventing further selling at potentially unfavorable prices in a volatile market.
Buy stopSTOP_BUY0This parameter places a stop market order a specified percentage below the entry price, specifically for Bitmex markets. Setting the value to 0 disables this feature.
Sell stopSTOP_SELL0Places a stop market order a specified percentage above the entry price for sell orders, applicable only on Bitmex.