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Misc (Miscellaneous Settings)

These strategy settings allow you to control uncategorized features.

LabelConfig ParameterDefault ValueDetailed Description
Market buyMARKET_BUYfalseThis setting controls whether buy orders are placed as market orders. When set to true, buy orders will execute immediately at the current market price, bypassing the order book. When false, orders are placed as limit orders, aiming for a potentially better price but with the risk of not executing immediately.
Market sellMARKET_SELLfalseSimilar to market buy, this setting determines whether sell orders are executed as market orders. Activating this ensures immediate execution by selling at the current market price, which is crucial in rapidly changing market conditions to prevent potential losses.
Market closeMARKET_CLOSEfalseEnables closing positions with market orders. This is essential when you need to exit a position quickly without waiting for a limit order to fill, providing an immediate exit at the cost of potential price slippage.
Market stopMARKET_STOPfalseAllows stop orders to be executed as market orders, ensuring that your stop loss or stop limit orders are executed, but at the risk of slippage if the market moves quickly.
Panic sellPANIC_SELLfalseThis function triggers an immediate sale of all quote units at the current market price. It's designed for emergency situations where exiting the market quickly outweighs the need for optimizing exit price.
Trades timeoutTRADES_TIMEOUT0Defines a timeout period in seconds after which an unexecuted order is reconsidered or canceled, allowing for dynamic response to market conditions that have changed since the order placement.
Safety timerSAFETY_TIMER1800This setting pauses trading for a specified duration (in seconds) if incomplete or unreliable API data is detected, particularly on Binance Futures. It is a safety measure to prevent trading on potentially incorrect information.
Ignore trades beforeIGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE0This parameter allows you to set a Unix timestamp in milliseconds. Any trades that occurred before this timestamp will be ignored by the system, useful for resetting or starting fresh without considering historical data.
Never buy aboveNBA0Prevents buy orders when the ask price is not at least a specified percentage below the last sell rate. Setting this to 0 disables the feature, offering flexibility in buying strategies especially in volatile markets.
ROE spreadROE_SPREAD0When Return on Equity (ROE) reaches a target and increases by the ROE spread, this setting triggers an additional order worth the trading limit. Setting this to 0 deactivates the feature, allowing for customized strategy adherence without automatic scaling.
Pre orderPRE_ORDERfalseEnables setting a percentage offset for limit orders relative to the current best price in the order book. Activating this can help secure a better position in the order queue, especially in fast-moving markets.
Pre order gapPRE_ORDER_GAP0Sets the offset value for limit orders as a percentage. Use a negative value to place orders deeper into the order book, potentially securing a better price but with increased risk of delayed execution.
Maker feesMAKER_FEESfalseOpt for Post Only orders on platforms like Bitmex to qualify for maker fees, which are typically lower than taker fees. This is often used in conjunction with a negative pre order gap to improve profitability on trades.

Overview of effects on different order types

Config ParameterAffected Order TypesNot Affected Order Types
Market BuyStrategy buyStrategy sell, Stop limit
Market SellStrategy sellStrategy buy, Stop limit
Market CloseCloseStrategy sell, Stop limit
Market StopStop limitStrategy sell, Close
Pre OrderClose, Strategy sell, Strategy buy
Pre Order GapClose, Strategy sell, Strategy buy
Count SellStrategy sell, Strategy buy, Stop limit
Safety TimerStrategy sell, Strategy buy, Stop limit
Maker FeesStrategy buy, Stop limit