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Balance settings

Balance settings define the investment limits, in a strategy made with the strategy builder.

LabelConfig ParameterDefault ValueDetailed Description
Trading limitTRADING_LIMIT20This setting defines the order amount per trade. On USD margined futures, this amount represents USD; on coin-m futures, it represents contracts.

You should set this according to your trading strategy's investment size per transaction.
Trading limit all-inTL_ALLINfalseThis option allows you to use all available base currency to invest per buy order at the time the trade is placed.

This can be useful if you want to automate leveraging all available funds without specifying a set amount.
Min volume to buyMIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY0.00000001The minimum order value necessary to execute a buy order. It is important to verify this value on your exchange as the default is only an estimation and may vary depending on the trading pair.
Max open contractsMAX_OPEN_CONTRACTS99999999999999999Sets the upper limit on the size of your futures position, expressed in quote units. Orders that would exceed this limit are not executed, ensuring you do not exceed your risk thresholds.

Especially crucial for managing risk in highly volatile markets.
LeverageLEVERAGE0This setting adjusts the leverage for opening new positions. A setting of 0 applies cross margin.

This is specific to exchanges Bitmex and Binance Futures; on other platforms, you'll need to set leverage directly on the exchange

Overview of effects on different order types

Config ParameterAffected Order TypesNot Affected Order Types
Trading LimitStrategy buy, Strategy sellClose, DCA buy
Trading Limit All-InStrategy buy, Strategy sellClose, DCA buy
Max open contractsStrategy buy, Strategy sell, DCA buyClose
LeverageStrategy buy, Strategy sellClose, DCA buy