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Dollar Cost Avg (DCA) (futures)

DCA orders are intended to bring the average entry price of a futures position closer to the current asset price. Gunbot uses the Ichimoku Tenkan line to determine good moments to average down.

Of course, the obvious risk of averaging down is that position size grows, and liquidation price worsens. Use this feature carefully.

DCA behavior

Long DCA happens when price is below kumo and tenkan crosses down the candle body at a price at least 'DCA spread' below the previous order.

Short DCA happens when price is above kumo and tenkan crosses up the candle body at a price at least 'DCA spread' above the previous order. If the same happens again at a price at least 'DCA spread' above the previous order, a DCA order is placed.

To close a trade, the opposite conditions of opening it must happen and ROE scalper must finish trailing.

DCA settings (futures)

DCA (Dollar cost averaging)

LabelConfig ParameterDefault ValueDetailed Description
DCA methodDCA_METHODNONEYou can choose between two methods for placing Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) orders in Futures Markets:

  • NONE: No DCA method is used.
  • TENKAN: Utilizes the Tenkan method for placing DCA orders.
Selecting a method adjusts how your DCA orders are triggered and managed.
DCA spreadDCA_SPREAD2This setting specifies the minimum distance, as a percentage, between the rate of the last order and where DCA orders are placed. The default value is set to 2%, meaning DCA orders will only be placed if they are at least 2% away from the last order rate.

This allows you to manage the spread of your orders to potentially improve profitability during volatile market conditions.