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How to get a Free Gunbot License Upgrade

· 3 min read

☀️ Summertime Special! Get a free upgrade for your newly purchased Gunbot license by sharing your love for Gunbot on social media. Let's take trading to the next level, even while enjoying the beach! ☀️🌊

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Tip: Read on to learn how to get a free license upgrade.

Why not Level Up for Free?

As we continue to enjoy the summer sun, many of us are finding ways to relax on the beach, soak up some rays, and, thanks to Gunbot, keep an eye on our investments. This August, we're spicing things up with an exciting promotion! We're offering you a chance to get a free upgrade of your new Gunbot license. Yes, you read that right - a free upgrade! 🆓🔝

From August 10 to August 18, 2023, any new license or upgrade you purchase in this period can be levelled up for absolutely zero cost. This means a standard license gets boosted to Pro, and a Pro license soars to Ultimate. Imagine the possibilities that this upgraded access can unlock for you!

Sharing is Caring 💬

So, how do you go about securing this summer steal? It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy! 🍋😉 All you need to do is:

  1. Create a post about Gunbot on your favorite social media platforms. Be creative - draw the Gunbot logo in the sand, snap a picture of a beach ball with Gunbot written on it, or even a sexy bikini showcasing the Gunbot name! Your imagination is the limit!
  2. Make sure to tag us in your post. You can find our profiles here.
  3. Include one (or more) of these summery hashtags: #FerragostoCrypto, #GunbotSummer, or #RideTheCryptoWave.

🎁 Pro Tip: While making your posts valuable, ensure they're engaging and fun too. After all, it's a summer promotion! 🏖️🌞

The Bottom Line

This promotion offers a great opportunity to elevate your crypto trading game while having some fun in the sun. With Gunbot, you're always in control of your trades, no matter where you are - even if it involves sand and a sun lounger!

Remember, this promotion runs from August 10 to August 18, 2023. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to take your Gunbot experience to another level. Enjoy the summer vibes, share your Gunbot love, and ride the crypto wave with us.

Go ahead, take the leap, and let your creativity shine brighter than the summer sun! And remember, the only thing better than getting an upgrade is getting it for free. So, start sharing, tagging and hashtagging now! 🚀🌅

Happy trading and happy summer!