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Meet Gunbot Guru: Your AI Assistant for All Things Gunbot

· 8 min read

Gunbot Guru is designed to help users navigate the complexities of Gunbot, whether you are a beginner trying to understand the basics or an experienced trader looking to automate and customize your strategies.

With access to all documentation and definitions for creating valid autoconfig jobs and custom strategies, Gunbot Guru is here to enhance your trading experience by providing instant, detailed assistance.

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Why Gunbot Guru Exists

Gunbot Guru exists to bridge the gap between complex trading bot configurations and user accessibility. While Gunbot offers a robust suite of tools and features for cryptocurrency trading, understanding and utilizing these features can be daunting, especially for new users. Gunbot Guru simplifies this process by providing clear, concise answers and step-by-step guidance.

This is not a human support replacement. We hope it mainly improves the experience of interacting with documentation.

OpenAI's Custom GPTs for Free Users

Recently, OpenAI opened up access to custom GPTs for their free users, making it easier for everyone to create and use specialized AI assistants like Gunbot Guru. Utilizing the latest GPT-4o architecture, Gunbot Guru is designed to provide accurate and detailed responses based on the most current data available. However, as with any AI, it is experimental, and we cannot ensure that it always provides correct information. Always double-check critical details and consult official documentation or support channels when needed.

What Users Can Do with Gunbot Guru

  • Setup Assistance: Get help with initial setup, including connecting to exchanges and configuring trading pairs.
  • Strategy Development: Learn how to code custom trading strategies in JavaScript.
  • AutoConfig Jobs: Understand and resolve common issues with AutoConfig jobs, or even create them from scratch.
  • General Inquiries: Ask any questions about Gunbot functionalities, settings, and best practices.
  • Probably Much More?: The cases above were tested, Gunbot Guru can probably handle way more topics.

Technological Advancements

The capabilities of Gunbot Guru are made possible by recent advancements in AI technology. Just a year ago, creating a custom AI that could understand and interact with users on such a detailed level was not feasible. With the latest GPT-4o architecture, OpenAI has enabled us to develop specialized assistants that can provide tailored support and information. This is an experimental GPT, and while it strives to provide accurate information, it's important to double-check critical details and consult official documentation or support channels when needed.

Getting Started with Gunbot Guru

If you're new to Gunbot, Gunbot Guru can help clear up any doubts you have. Here’s an example of a step-by-step guide on how to set up your first trading pair using Gunbot Guru:

Example Interaction: Setting Up a Trading Pair

Question: "How do I set up my first trading pair on Gunbot?"

Answer: To set up your first trading pair on Gunbot, follow these steps:

  1. Select Market Type: Choose 'spot' as your market type in the Gunbot wizard. This can be changed later if needed.
  2. Connect to an Exchange:
    • Select your exchange from the list.
    • Enter your API credentials (API key and secret).
    • Click 'update exchange settings' to save your input.
  3. Add a Trading Pair:
    • In the Gunbot interface, select the 'add pair' button.
    • Choose your preferred trading pair from the list. For example, you can select USDT-BTC.
  4. Configure the Trading Pair:
    • Choose the 'stepgrid' strategy for both buying and selling. This strategy is suitable for frequent, smaller trades.
    • Set the trading limit. For example, if you have 2500 USDT and want to distribute it over 50 buy orders, set the trading limit to 50 (2500 / 50 = 50 USDT per trade).
    • Restrict the maximum investment to 2500 USDT to ensure the bot does not exceed this limit.
  5. Optional: Activate Telegram Notifications:
    • You can activate Telegram notifications to get immediate updates on your trades. This step is optional and can be done later.
  6. Select Interface Mode:
    • Gunbot offers two interface modes: Basic Interface and Advanced Interface. Choose the mode that best fits your experience level. The Basic Interface is recommended for new users.
  7. Start Trading:
    • Once your pair is set up, click the 'start bot' button to begin trading.
  8. Monitor Trades:
    • Use the Gunbot interface to monitor your trades in real-time. The interface provides essential information such as break-even points and target goals.

For more detailed guidance, refer to the Gunbot documentation and support pages.

Advanced Use Cases

For seasoned Gunbot users, Gunbot Guru can solve even complex tasks with detailed prompts. Here’s how you can leverage Gunbot Guru for advanced use cases:

Example Interaction: Coding a Custom JS Strategy

Question: "Can you provide a sample JS script for a custom trading strategy?"

Answer: Here is a simple example of a custom trading strategy script in JavaScript for Gunbot:

// Check if there are any open orders for this pair, wait until they get filled before doing anything else
if ( > 0){
console.log('There is an open order, waiting...')

// Balance "settings": invest 100 USDT, convert into quote amount needed for calling the buy method
var baseAmount = 100
var buyAmount = baseAmount /

// Check if no bag is held yet AND price, lowBB, and moving average criteria are true
if (
! && < && <
// Conditions are true, fire a market buy order using the amount calculated in buyAmount
// Place a limit sell order if we have a bag
else if ( ) {
// Fire the sell order, pass in the amount, price, and pair name.
// Price is calculated as breakEven * 1.01
gb.method.sellLimit(, * 1.01,

For more examples and detailed explanations, refer to the Gunbot documentation here.

Example Interaction: Resolving Common AutoConfig Job Issues

Question: "What are common issues with AutoConfig jobs and how can I resolve them?"

Answer: Here are some common issues with AutoConfig jobs in Gunbot and how you can resolve them:

  1. Jobs Not Running

    • Ensure that AutoConfig is enabled in your Gunbot setup. You can enable it through the browser interface on the AutoConfig page.
    • Check that each job you want to run is enabled. Each job has an option to enable or disable it.
    • Verify the schedule format of the job. AutoConfig jobs use a cron-like schedule format. If the schedule is not correctly formatted, the job will not run. Use tools like to generate the correct schedule format.
  2. Configuration Conflicts

    • When scheduling multiple jobs, ensure they do not conflict by making configuration changes simultaneously. Only the first job to finish will apply its changes if they run concurrently. The others will wait for another chance.
  3. Undefined Data Errors

    • Use filters to check if the data exists before using it in an expression. For example, add a filter that checks if the data has a value greater than 0 before using it in a calculation.
  4. Manual Changes During Fast Schedules

    • Avoid making manual setting changes through the browser while AutoConfig jobs are running, especially when using very fast schedules. This ensures consistency in the bot's configuration.
  5. High API Usage

    • Limit the duration and frequency of ticker data collection jobs. Do not permanently run ticker collection jobs while running other AutoConfig jobs. High API usage can slow down Gunbot performance.
  6. Incorrect Pair Data

    • Ensure that the pair data you are referencing exists and is correctly formatted. Check the JSON file and ensure that the data points you want to use are available and have the correct data type. Prefer number and boolean types over arrays.

Proof of example interactions: Gunbot Guru Session


Gunbot Guru is a powerful AI assistant that enhances your Gunbot experience. Whether you are new to Gunbot or an experienced user, Gunbot Guru can provide the assistance you need, from basic setup to advanced coding. Try out Gunbot Guru today and take your Gunbot experience to the next level.

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