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Exploring the Gunbot v28 Update: New Features and Enhancements

· 3 min read

Gunbot continues to grow, bringing new and improved features to enhance the trading experience for its users. Gunbot v28, nicknamed Gunbot NextGen, introduces several exciting new functionalities, including a Basic Mode interface, improved API management, innovative Gridbots, and more. Let's dive into these updates and see how they can benefit your trading strategies.

Gridbot in action

This guide explores the new features of Gunbot v28 - NextGen

Gridbots Using Limit Orders

The introduction of Gridbots marks a significant advancement in Gunbot's trading capabilities. These bots automate trading within a defined price range through a systematic grid of buy and sell limit orders. While Gunbot previously offered similar strategies using market orders, this new strategy will match the expectations users have who are more familiar with other trading tools.

Key Configuration Settings of Gridbots

  • Invest per Buy Order: Control the investment for each buy order.
  • Max Orders per Side: Set the maximum number of simultaneous buy and sell orders.
  • Rebalance Feature: Ensure adequate assets for sell orders.
  • Grid Interval Settings: Choose between a fixed percentage or ATR-based intervals.

Gridbots settings

Basic Mode Interface: Simplifying Trading

Gunbot's new Basic Mode interface is designed for simplicity and ease of use, making it ideal for beginners or those preferring a streamlined trading setup.

Getting Started with Basic Mode

  • Connect to Your Exchange: Enter your API credentials to link Gunbot with your exchange.
  • Configure Trading Pairs: Easily set up your desired trading pair and strategy, with a few clicks.

Enhanced API Management

Manage your exchange connections with improved API slot management. This feature allows for more flexibility and control over the credentials that are registered for use with Gunbot. Previously it might have been needed to contact support for updating registered keys, now you can fully self manage your API slots.

  • Edit, remove, archive, or add new exchange connections easily.
  • Authenticate edits with an active exchange for increased security.

API slots overview


The latest Gunbot update brings a suite of new features and improvements, offering a more adaptable, user-friendly, and powerful trading tool. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting, these enhancements are designed to elevate your trading experience with Gunbot.