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Introducing the Gunbot Dev Community

· 3 min read

Gunbot has come a long way from offering preset trading automation tools to becoming a flexible platform that empowers developers to create their own custom trading strategies and automation setups. This shift has helped create a small and enthusiastic community of developers who are now offering their custom setups to Gunbot users. We're happy to announce the first three community-developed offers, with more to come.

Symbol image Gunbot Community devs

With our without extensions made by community devs, Gunbot remains the most versatile bot on the market. Offering a wide range of built-in strategies that are ready to use right out of the box. Whether you choose to use these community-developed setups or stick with the built-in options, Gunbot provides a robust trading solution for all users.


The Broxynet-V1 strategy suite, as described by its developer @Steven0_0Smith, includes multiple trading modes—Accumulator, Gribz, Calm, Normal, and Aggressive — catering to both novice traders and seasoned Gunbot users.

  • Accumulator: Reinvest profits to buy and hold your favorite cryptocurrencies.
  • Gribz Mode: A grid-style trading approach with dual sell levels.
  • Calm, Normal, and Aggressive Modes: Customizable settings to protect against market downtrends.

Broxynet-V1's active Trading Panel provides real-time data on buy and sell triggers, current pair state, and trading mode.

More details about Broxynet

Quanta exoTrader

According to its developer @flightcommander, Quanta exoTrader offers a data science approach to trading.

  • Data Science Core: High probability entry and exit points.
  • Adaptive Trading Algorithm: Adjusts to market volatility in real-time.
  • Risk Management Tools: Multi-timeframe trend protection and custom risk thresholds.

Quanta exoTrader is said to be ideal for traders who want a sophisticated, data-driven strategy that adapts to market conditions.

More details about Quanta-exoTrader


ChannelMaestro, described by its developer @boekenbox, is an all-around trading strategy designed for simplicity and effectiveness. With minimal settings required, it can be deployed in under 10 seconds.

  • Simple Configuration: Easy to start trading with just a few settings.
  • Single Setting Funds Management: Integrated stop losses and automatic trade size adjustments.
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis: Analyzes different timeframes to make informed trading decisions.

ChannelMaestro is said to be perfect for traders who prefer a straightforward approach without the need for extensive configuration.

More details about ChannelMaestro


The Gunbot community is growing, thanks to the creativity and hard work of our developers. Setups like Broxynet-V1, Quanta exoTrader, and ChannelMaestro give users more choices for their trading strategies. These first community-developed setups are available for purchase, with the developers getting the proceeds. More community strategies and extensions are on the way, providing even more ways to customize your Gunbot experience.

Whether you decide to use these community setups or stick with Gunbot's built-in strategies, you'll have a powerful tool for your trading needs. The future of Gunbot trading is looking better than ever with help from our dedicated community.