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Gunbot Community Cup 2024

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Dive into the Gunbot Community Cup 2024, where the brightest minds from the Gunbot community showcase their trading strategies. This time, the challenge is set on the volatile waves of USDT-SOL, offering a fresh battleground away from the usual crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's a brave choice, especially in what some may dub the "BTC season," but it's all in good spirit and creativity.

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Where to Watch the Action

Join us live on YouTube to witness the developers in action. Daily streams will bring you every strategic move, win, and learning moment. It's a unique opportunity to see the strategies unfold in real-time.

Event Timeline

The competition is on, leading up to a grand finale at midnight on June 8, 2024. And if you're craving more, a second round later in the year promises additional excitement and innovative strategies.

The Essence of the Competition

Participants compete with the USDT-SOL pair, aiming for the highest Return on Investment (ROI). The ROI calculation, pivotal to the competition, assesses the efficiency of each strategy by comparing the profit or loss to the initial investment, offering a clear measure of performance in percentage terms. This ensures fairness and clarity in determining the victors.

Return on Investment, or ROI, is the measure we use to evaluate the effectiveness of each trading strategy. In simpler terms, it's like looking at what you've gained or lost compared to what you've initially put in. Here's how we calculate it: We sum up all the costs from the 'buy' orders to understand our total investment. Then, we tally the profit (or loss) from the 'sell' orders to see what we've earned back. The formula then divides the total profit by the total cost and multiplies by 100 to give us a percentage. This percentage tells us how much we've made (or lost) in relation to our initial investment. It's a straightforward yet powerful way to see which strategies are truly winning.

Meet the Competitors

The range of entrants spans from newcomers to seasoned traders, each bringing their unique approach to the table:

  • Broxynet v1: Simplifies trading, showing that complexity isn't a prerequisite for success.
  • CRB_VN_Script: A grid-based strategy that finds order in the chaos of market volatility.
  • Quanta exoTrader: Delves deep into the nuances of market movements for those with a taste for complexity.
  • GTrend: Equally adept in bull and bear markets, this strategy doesn't miss a beat.
  • MachineGun 5.0: Offers something for everyone, blending simplicity with the option for in-depth customization.
Watch Live on YouTube

Understanding the full depth of these strategies or scripts in plain language can be challenging. We invite everyone to experience the bots' behavior firsthand during our live streams. Join us on YouTube to see the action unfold!

Rewards and Recognition

The Gunbot community funds their favorite devs competition wallet. Success in the competition is gauged by ROI, with the top performers earning resources to further their strategy development. Those not in the top tier will still receive support to refine and improve their approaches. A final face-off at year's end will crown the ultimate Gunbot Community Strategy of 2024.

Beyond Competition

The Gunbot Community Cup is more than a contest; it's a platform for innovation and a showcase for the talented developers within our community. The selection of USDT-SOL as the trading pair adds an element of surprise and tests the adaptability of each strategy.

Wrapping Up

The Gunbot Community Cup 2024 is an invitation to explore new strategies, support your favorite developers, and be part of a community that values progress and creativity. Whether you're here for the competition or the camaraderie, there's a place for you in the Gunbot community.