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Gunbot Update: Maintaining Compatibility with Poloniex

· 2 min read

Gunbot users, particularly those trading on Poloniex, must note an important update. To ensure optimal functionality and access to the latest features, it is crucial to upgrade to Gunbot v28.3.6 or higher. This update is not just a recommendation but a necessity for those using Poloniex to maintain seamless trading operations.

Symbol image of poloniex update

Key Actions:

  • Mandatory Upgrade: For users running Gunbot on Poloniex, upgrading to version v28.3.6 or higher is mandatory.
  • Download: The latest version of Gunbot can be downloaded from It is vital to download the update from this official source to avoid any security risks.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to the latest version of Gunbot ensures that users have the most up-to-date features and security enhancements. This is particularly important for exchanges like Poloniex, where recent changes or updates in the exchange's API or functionality might not be compatible with older versions of Gunbot.

How to Upgrade:

  1. Visit the Gunthy download page.
  2. Select the version suitable for your operating system under the Gunbot v28.3.6 or higher section.
  3. Download and install the update.
  4. Restart Gunbot to apply the new update.

For detailed installation instructions, refer to the Gunbot documentation.


Staying updated with the latest version of Gunbot is crucial for a smooth and efficient trading experience, especially for those trading on Poloniex. Ensure you're running Gunbot v28.3.6 or higher to take full advantage of all the features and improvements the platform has to offer.