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Gunbot and Partnership announcement

· 3 min read

We're excited to announce our latest partnership with As we continually strive to answer your needs, this expansion marks a new era of automated spot trading automation possibilities across all spot markets on

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If you are a trading enthusiast searching for a tool that combines automation, privacy, and control, Gunbot might be the ideal choice for you! Check out our current promotions for great deals.

A Natural Progression in Our Journey

At Gunbot, we've always been committed to expanding on platforms that are highly requested by our users. Consistently evolving, we aim for excellence in offering the best trading experiences. This partnership with is an affirmation of that commitment.

The integration allows us to offer increased diversity in our services and opportunities for traders to capitalize on. But what truly sets Gunbot apart?

Leading Automation on Your Terms

At the heart of Gunbot's ethos is empowering traders to take control of their automation. Unlike many major tools that run in a cloud environment beyond your control, Gunbot operates from your own device. This unique feature offers you complete authority over how your trades are executed and monitored.

"Take control of your trading automation! Unlike other tools, Gunbot runs from your own device and does not have monthly subscription fees."

With Gunbot, you're not just joining an automation platform; you're stepping into a community of traders that values privacy.

Privacy First Approach

Privacy has always been a cornerstone of Gunbot. We deeply respect your trading strategies and the decisions you make. Therefore, Gunbot ensures it does not collect any data about the trades made or strategies used by its users. You can trade freely, knowing your data remains strictly within your control.

With the introduction of support, Gunbot upholds its commitment to provide a feature-rich, privacy-first, and user-friendly trading automation platform. By combining the strength of's diverse markets and Gunbot's high-end automation, this partnership paves the way for an elevated trading experience.


Gunbot is a tool that puts you in control, not just over the trades and strategies but also regarding data privacy. You can trust us; we don't collect data about your trading activities.

Final Thoughts

The partnership between Gunbot and is a significant step forward in offering our users more choices for their automated trading needs. We hope you make the most of this exciting opportunity and use Gunbot to optimize your trades on Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this new integration.

tip support is included in Gunbot v27. Currently available in the preview release channel, and very soon to be released on the stable release channel.