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Gunbot Xmas 2023 Contest: A battle of Strategies and Community

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The Gunbot Xmas 2023 Contest marks a unique blend of strategy, community engagement, and festive cheer. This special event celebrates the vibrant Gunbot community and the anniversary of Gunbot's inception on December 24, 2016. As we start the holiday season, the contest brings together traders from around the globe, showcasing their skills and strategies in a friendly yet competitive environment. This year's contest is not just about winning; it's a reflection of the strong community spirit and innovative mindset of Gunbot traders.

3 very different strategies battle it out this month.

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A Competitive Showcase of Strategies

MG Strategy: The Community's Choice

The MG Strategy, a popular choice among the Gunbot community, reflects the collective wisdom and experience of traders. It's a testament to the community's knack for identifying and refining effective trading approaches. This strategy is available as an autoconfig setup, for Gunbot Standard and above.

Quanta-G Strategy: A Third-Party Marvel

Quanta-G, a user made custom stratey, stands as a geometric market maker hybrid. Designed for bootstrapping and long-term trading, it's particularly suited for handling large market price movements, ranging from hundreds to thousands of percent. This strategy thrives in various market conditions, utilizing spread trading in sideways markets, and strategically accumulating or decumulating assets during significant price movements. This strategy is avaible in Gunbot Ultimate, since the user strategy was so popular, it's bundled.

NextGen: The Secret Sauce Strategy

NextGen, dubbed the 'Secret Sauce Strategy' by several Gunbot devs, is a multi-timeframe approach, currently under wraps. It promises a comprehensive toolkit of TA-supported trading modes, including an innovative grid mode designed to optimize trading near the peaks of market movements.

Contest Rules and Participation

Participants in the Gunbot Xmas 2023 Contest are required to commit to either the MG or Quanta strategy, with the developers managing the NextGen strategy. The contest's outcome hinges on the strategy that achieves the highest balance by the end, rewarding participants of the winning team with the cumulative balance of all three strategies.

Key Details:

  • Trading Pair: USDT-SOL
  • Duration: December 11, 2023 - January 10, 2024
  • Monitoring: Strategies can be observed on the Gunthy demo site and via live streaming on YouTube. This transparency not only adds excitement but also allows for a shared learning experience among participants and observers alike.

For those new to Gunbot, this contest is an excellent opportunity to dive into the world of automated trading. And for existing users, it's a chance to learn and stay ahead in the trading game.

Enhancing Community Engagement

The contest is more than just a competition; it's a platform for interaction and learning. Participants can suggest settings changes in the live stream comments, actively influencing the contest's strategies. This direct involvement fosters a sense of community and collective growth.

The contest also serves as a real-time showcase of Gunbot's capabilities. By observing the strategies in action and participating in the discussion, users can gain valuable insights into the nuances of automated trading. This interactive element not only enhances the contest's excitement but also serves as an educational experience for both veterans and newcomers to the Gunbot community.

Wrapping Up: A Celebration of Strategy and Community

As the Gunbot Xmas 2023 Contest unfolds, it's a spectacle of strategy, innovation, and community spirit. Whether you're an experienced trader or new to the scene, this event offers a unique perspective on automated trading strategies and community-driven development.

Stay connected with the contest through these resources:

Wishing everyone a joyful trading experience and a happy holiday season. See you in the arena of the Gunbot Xmas 2023 Contest!