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Understanding the Quanta G-Type Strategy for Effective Market Making

· 3 min read

Gunbot offers a range of custom strategies designed for diverse trading styles and market conditions. Among these, the Quanta G-Type strategy stands out for its unique approach to market making. This article delves into the Quanta G-Type strategy, helping users understand its mechanisms and applications in market making.

Quanta G in action

This guide explores the key features of the Quanta G-Type strategy

Key Features of Quanta G-Type

Quanta G-Type is a geometric market maker hybrid strategy built by a Gunbot community member. It's built as a 'custom strategy', meaning it is available to Gunbot Ultimate users who can run custom coded strategies. It is specially designed to adapt to significant market price movements, making it an ideal choice for traders focusing on market making. The strategy effectively handles different market scenarios, including sideward movements, price pumps, and dumps.

Strategy Mechanics

  • Sidewards Market: In a stable market, Quanta G-Type engages in spread trading.
  • Price Pump: During a price increase, the strategy focuses on the decumulation of assets.
  • Price Dump: Conversely, in a declining market, it aims at the accumulation of assets.

These mechanisms ensure that the strategy remains effective across various market conditions, making it versatile for different trading needs.

Is Quanta G-Type Right for You?

Quanta G-Type is oriented towards long-term market engagement. It is well-suited for traders who are prepared for long-term asset management and those who can adeptly handle the strategy’s intricacies. Its performance can be observed over time to gauge its efficacy in live market conditions.

Profit Generation and Risks

The strategy generates profits through spread profits, accumulation of spread derivative, and inventory swing. However, it is crucial to select a viable long-term coin, as the strategy's success is closely tied to the coin's longevity and market performance.

Operational Features

Quanta G-Type boasts features such as auto compounding and sophisticated inventory management. It supports different trading modes, each tailored to specific market conditions. The auto-setup process is streamlined, but users must be mindful of key operational considerations.

Getting Started with Quanta G-Type

Starting with the Quanta G-Type strategy involves a series of steps, including setting up the strategy parameters and optionally running simulation tests. These simulation runs are crucial to understand the strategy's dynamics before implementing it in live trading scenarios. Do read the strategy documentation when setting it up.

Customization and Overrides

The strategy offers a range of customization options through basic and advanced overrides. Key parameters like BUY_INTERVAL, SELL_INTERVAL, and ORDER_DEPTH can be adjusted to suit individual trading preferences and goals.


The Quanta G-Type strategy is a robust solution for market makers in the cryptocurrency domain. It offers a balanced approach to handling different market conditions, focusing on long-term asset management.