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· 5 min read

Creating a visual representation of trading strategies can be a game-changer for developers. With Gunbot, you have access to a suite of chart drawing tools that not only help in strategy development but also make the data more accessible to casual traders. Let's dive into how you can use these tools to bring your custom strategies to life.

Symbol image of chart customization

This guide explores how to make use of programmatic chart drawings for realtime strategy visualization.

· 4 min read

Welcome to a feature highlight, where we explore how Gunbot can take your trading strategies to new heights. In this guide, we'll dive into TradingView webhook alerts and how you could use them to automate your trading decisions, even in complex scenarios involving multiple indicators.

Let's consider a scenario where you want to receive alerts based on varying indicators, in any order of time. The end goal? You receive timely alerts for your chosen indicators, and Gunbot does the heavy lifting by placing trades once all conditions are met.

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This guide assumes that your webhook connectivity is already configured. If you need help with this, please refer to the webhook alerts documentation. Our support team is also on hand if you have any issues.